Celerity Innovation Center Chooses NeoLoad to Performance Test 'Adobe Flex' Web Applications

PITTSBURGH, PA – Neotys, a leader in easy-to-use, cost effective load testing tools for web applications, today announced the Celerity Innovation Center is using NeoLoad to performance test Adobe Flex web applications before they go “live” with customers. NeoLoad has cut load and performance testing time by 50%.

“We reviewed a multitude of performance and stress testing tools and found that NeoLoad worked best for our Adobe Flex environment,” said John Scarpino, Director of Quality Assurance and Software Testing at Celerity’s Innovation Center.

The Celerity Innovation Center develops web and mobile applications that streamline customer interactions, improve business processes and deepen user experiences. It is a rapidly growing branch that has more than tripled in size during the past year. The Innovation Center attributes its success to its cutting-edge spirit and by staying active in meeting customers’ needs. See 

Celerity has chosen Adobe Flex as its primary web development platform. Adobe Flex allows customers to have interactive, dynamic and platform-independent applications with the flexibility of desktop applications in a Web environment. Consistent with best practices, the Celerity Innovation Center performs load tests for all of its applications. These tests identify possible bottlenecks, enabling the Center to maximize performance before the go-live date.

Before using NeoLoad, Celerity Innovation Center testers were manually executing tests and tediously reviewing logs and server utilization. This time-consuming process involved multiple people and resources across disparate locations. To improve its efficiencies, the company began a search to find a tool to meet the load and performance test requirements for Adobe Flex applications.

“We reviewed a multitude of performance and stress testing tools and found that NeoLoad worked best for our Adobe Flex environment,” said John Scarpino. “Now that we have used NeoLoad for more than 11 full tests, we are amazed at the incredible amount of time and resources we have saved; the tool has cut our testing time in half. With NeoLoad, we’ve been able to design and run realistic tests and to get actionable information and analyses from NeoLoad graphs and reports. This feedback is very easy to analyze, understand and effectively illustrate any issues that we need to address. The customer service and support team has also been excellent; we received timely responses whenever we had questions.”

NeoLoad was picked due to its easy-to-use GUI interface that requires minimum scripting and provides a rich feature set for the Adobe Flex environment at a cost-effective price point.

According to Gerald Labie, CEO Neotys USA, “The Celerity Innovation Center recognizes the importance and value of faster more efficient pre-production load testing and, because of this, decided to use NeoLoad. Not only was this a great choice based on feature set and usability, but because of the product’s ability to support Adobe Flex technologies that are pervasive throughout the Celerity’s development work.”

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