New Agile Development Center Opens in PA

The Agile Development center provides a hub for MidAtlantic corporations deploying complex digital applications using Agile/Scrum

CAMP HILL, PA - Celerity is pleased to announce the opening of its new Agile Development Delivery Center in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania in June. The center was launched to provide a centralized hub for supporting Celerity's large-scale enterprise application development projects throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

With a focus on Scrum and Agile methodologies, the Agile development center houses cross-functional teams of ScrumMasters, Business Analysts, QA Testers, Architects, and Web Developers working on complex digital solutions for diverse customers. The center has created 30 new jobs in Central PA in June alone and is poised to scale for future needs.

"We're excited about founding this Agile center in the heart of PA, where we have strong roots and loyal employees," said Harry Ulrich, the Center's Director. "Celerity has been a leader in providing Agile development applications since 2009 and this initiative cements our commitment to Agile as the method of choice for delivering digital solutions faster and more efficiently."

Central PA was chosen as the delivery center home due to its ability to attract top technical talent at a lower price point than nearby metropolitan areas like Philadelphia, Baltimore or DC. "This benefits our clients with high-quality, onshore, IT delivery options that help keep project costs down," said Ulrich.

At a time when offshore IT delivery models are being given a second thought due to the lack of quality, control, and consistency—Celerity's Agile development center promises much more to US-based companies looking to get digital applications to market faster than ever in order to retain and grow customer loyalty.

The Agile/Scrum delivery approach includes a highly collaborative process of working with customers to constantly review and improve deliverables throughout project "sprints" and "retrospectives." To learn more about Agile Development methodologies and how leading comparies are looking to adopt them, see Celerity’s Agile blogs.

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