Todd Miller Featured on Panel Discussion: Agile Development Methodologies in Large Organizations

Todd Miller, one of Celerity’s foremost Agile experts, was recently featured on a panel discussion on “Agile in Large Enterprises: How it’s Done.” 

In the c9d9 episode, Miller defends Agile’s ability to succeed in large organizations with the requisite that a company is willing to commit to change. He explains that an organization transitioning to Agile must adopt customer-centric business practices and incorporate the foundation of Agile development methodologies into its new processes. 

Miller also points out that a company must embrace a business-wide culture shift, understand that Agile development transformation requires its own backlog, and remember to use Agile’s velocity metrics only to forecast the future, not reward or punish a team. Miller lastly highlights his philosophy on teamwork, saying, “Enlist help…because it’s sometimes hard to see the forest through the trees.”

Miller currently works as a Senior Agile Consultant at Celerity’s Development Center in Pennsylvania. Active in the Agile community, he runs an Agile user group there, is a Certified ScrumMaster, an experienced Product Owner, and a frequent contributor to Celerity’s blog, “Breakthroughs in Acceleration.”

To view the full Electric Cloud episode, click here.

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