Solving Critical Problems Fast

Where are you stuck?

As business acceleration specialists, Celerity exists solely to speed up results. Our experience has taught us there are four key areas where companies often get stuck: technology, efficiency, strategy and talent. We call it The TEST.

We’ve developed services to help companies break through these stuck points and accelerate business results.

Web & Mobile

Unleash your true digital potential with end-to-end strategy, design, development and integration services.


Business Transformation Services

Accelerate your change initiatives by improving the efficiency, performance, and security of your systems and processes. The end result: increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

Enterprise Technology

Adapt, modernize and transform your enterprise IT systems—increasing IT strategic alignment while reducing risk and the total cost of technology ownership.

Talent Solutions

Augment your team with leading business and technical talent strategically positioned to take your organization to the next level.

Whiteboarding and collaboration