Rapid Healthcare Solutions

Reforms in health services, intense competition and rapidly changing technologies are the new norm. While there is no single blueprint for success, our team members have the industry experience necessary to accelerate your response to the B2C marketplace, strengthening your brand, member engagement, and improving customer loyalty.

Our approach makes the difference. Technology is just one piece of the puzzle. We collaborate with your team to identify underlying problems and their root causes. We observe and confirm that the steps you are taking are sustainable and consider all roles in a process—both internal and external.

The result?  Speed, agility and improved customer experiences.

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We focus on areas proven to dramatically impact results—including strategy, efficiency and talent.

B2C Viability Assessments

Customer engagement. Automated enrollment. Tools for wellness. Exchanges. These challenges have no single blueprint for success. Our experts confirm that the steps you are taking strengthen direct-to-consumer interactions.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile success involves more than simply porting a web page to a smart phone device. We integrate mobile into every aspect of user behavior and business processes, so consumers and prospects can move between interfaces and channels effortlessly and without confusion.

Technology Fit Assessments

Selecting the correct technology and applying it effectively are the keys to realizing ROI. Celerity can help you determine whether or not a business problem can be solved with technology and which technology is a best fit for your business.

Enterprise Application Development

From benefits sites to personalized health plan selection tools, Celerity develops intuitive, dynamic interfaces that appeal to target audiences and meet your business goals. Our teams combine emerging technologies, innovative design and proven methodologies to produce deliverables in weeks, not months.