Mobile App Strategy Utilizing Agile

Celerity’s mobile experts understand how to use mobile app best practices and Agile development methodologies to meet your mobile needs, taking into consideration functional application demands and your unique brand design concepts.

An Agile, Iterative Mobile App Development Approach

We have specific methodologies that we employ for mobile app design and product development. These methodologies have been proven over time and are well-respected, industry-leading processes for developing enterprise mobile applications.

Once we have a common understanding of your project vision and have completed some level of both technical and mobile user experience design, we can use a Scrum methodology for iterative development efforts. This allows work to be broken in 2-week cycles that end in reviews with key client stakeholders. Our process employs cutting edge mobile app development tools like our UI Toolkit and fosters open communication around expected mobile app development costs.

Agile methodologies offer built-in mechanisms for handling changing mobile application strategy and incorporate the advantage of transparency regarding development progress via periodic product demos.


Mobile Application Strategy

We’ll work with you to get a clear idea of your vision, offer input along the way, and develop a workable strategy to achieve your vision in a beautiful, functional application.

Mobile App Design, Concept & Development

Wireframes will be created for all major screens of the applications (examples include navigation menus, article views, calendars views, and video views) and we’ll also explore color selection and fonts in a customized UI Toolkit.

Visual Mobile Application Design

Our mobile app designers will analyze your brand standards and provide visual designs for the application’s page layout and interactions.

Rapid Prototyping

We are able to cut down on mobile app development cost with rapid prototype initiatives, demonstrating how wireframes will move once completed and bringing the mobile designs to life for early end-user testing.

Mobile App Development

We’ll employ an Agile development methodology to take your vision and make it a reality, engaging you in periodic product demos and daily contact points with the development team.


Our team will work with you to determine a test strategy based on the needs of the project, which may include manual, automated, internal, or external quality assurance.