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Celerity Helps a Financial Institution Innovate at Speed and Scale



One of the largest credit unions in the 
U.S. was looking for a partner to help it resolve member concerns faster. It needed to deliver improved product and service experiences at speed and scale to maintain its stellar reputation for excellence in customer service. Specifically, the credit union’s innovation lab team needed help planning and efficiently implementing a framework for achieving its goal of helping its customers seamlessly bank the way they want.


  • Change Management
  • Design Thinking 

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Lean and Agile Methodologies
  • Prototyping and Validation
  • Roadmap Development 

  • Service Design
  • UX Research



We started our engagement by tackling one critical area of the business where we could provide large cost savings, streamline workflow, and make a significant impact on the member’s experience. We began with a customer journey mapping exercise that led to a prioritized, customer-centric roadmap for implementation.

We then worked side-by-side to establish processes that would efficiently implement the recommend solutions through design-led thinking and Agile methodologies. We also delivered a systematic way to educate members of their team about employing these new practices themselves. Finally, we provided a playbook that outlined how to drive customer-centric innovation, enabling their innovation lab team to realize true business agility with speed and scale across the organization.



The application of this new operating model resulted in the successful redesign of a customer transaction experience. Further, the initial proof of concept led to the immediate and expanded adoption of the framework into other areas in the company. Within one year, our client was able to rapidly identify and resolve major member concerns while also capitalizing on new opportunities. Together, we built a pragmatic, sustainable, and repeatable operational foundation that delivered immediate value.

Before Celerity

Waterfall Method IconTraditional waterfall approach

Siloed Approach Icon
Channel-centric, siloed team planning

State-Gate Decision-Making
Stage-gate decision making that minimized risk taking and inhibited speed


issue resolution taking over a year to release


small use case with significant business impact

With Celerity

Agile Method Icon
Agile via design-led thinking

Integrated Approach Icon
Integrated planning that’s sustainable and scalable

Flexible Decision-Making
Flexible, adaptable ideation and implementation process that fosters a test and learn environment


releases against a single workstream


major workstreams applying the new approach

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