Building a repeatable innovation process

While 84% of executives agree that innovation is essential to growth, only 6% are satisfied with the results of their innovation initiatives. Innovation can be a difficult thing to grasp. To some, it is an ephemeral business process—a lightning bolt that drops down in a moment of need and is not entirely within your control. …

Harnessing innovation at scale

Harnessing innovation can be painful and disruptive unless you turn an innovation process into part of your company’s everyday routine. Register for this webinar to learn more about building a scalable process for innovation.

Journey Mapping

Journey mapping allows you to visualize intangible customer experiences so you can better understand your customers’ needs, drive loyalty, and align stakeholders around high-value initiatives.

So you have a journey map. Now what?

As organizations strive to become more customer-centric, journey mapping has become an integral tool to help organizations get to know their customers better. But once your journey map is complete, how do you operationalize the process of turning insights into actions that will drive business outcomes? Join Celerity’s customer experience experts, Aaron Kennelly and Betsy …

How do you feel about telehealth now?

I’ve been thinking a lot about telehealth since the coronavirus took hold. I’m not a medical professional, but having advised companies in this industry and as a consumer, I have observed how healthcare providers have slowly adopted and used telehealth in increasingly innovative ways over the past decade. However, what was once hyped as a …