Becoming a Responsive Enterprise: 4 Success Strategies to Include in Your 2020 Plan

Today’s consumers expect services that are free, immediate, and flawlessly delivered. The technology to support this elevated service—from artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to gamification—is becoming more sophisticated by the minute. With so much disruption reshaping the marketplace, building a responsive enterprise that’s able to respond quickly is critical to your business’ survival …

Improve the Quality of Your QA Program with the QA Maturity Model

Do you test your solutions only after they’re developed? Or do you include QA testing from the start and have it baked in through every phase of your development process? Most organizations fall somewhere between those two ends of the spectrum. And knowing where you fall is the key to moving toward the Agile, continuous …

5 Ways BPM Consultants Improve Change Management

Business Process Management consultants bring objectivity, comprehensive problem-solving, and needed bandwidth to your internal challenges. They help with sustainable change management in many ways.

Planning Your Post-Merger Integration Journey

Being adaptive to what’s happening in the market, connecting everything inside the operation, driving cost out of the business—these things are challenging enough in a static environment, but what happens when companies find themselves needing to deliver all this and more while planning for an M&A event?

Three Keys to a Successful Transition from PM to Scrum Master

While the transition from Project Manager to Scrum Master may be challenging initially, you can do it. Change your mindset to focus on serving the team, rallying the team, and building a great a product, and you will find much success in your new role.