Guide: Create Insight from Customer Stories

Customers tell stories through your business data, so you already know exactly what they want. But how do you interpret all that information? Our guide, Create Insight from Customer Data, will help you interpret customer data and become more customer-centric. Starting today your business can promote a deeper understanding of your customer through the stories …

Guide: 7 Ways to Be More Customer-Centric Today

Change can happen even in the smallest actions. Our 7 Ways to Be More Customer-Centric Today outlines pragmatic changes you can make now to focus on your customer and transform your business. Download the guide today to get: Seven actionable steps you can take today to align to your customer A jumpstart on building a …

Three Keys to a Successful Transition from PM to Scrum Master

While the transition from Project Manager to Scrum Master may be challenging initially, you can do it. Change your mindset to focus on serving the team, rallying the team, and building a great a product, and you will find much success in your new role.

The Benefits of Agile for the Team

Focusing on the benefits for the team during Agile transformation allows the team to invest and commit to the process for the ultimate prize of a high performing team.