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Customer experience

Creating an end-to-end CX: Why a great customer experience begins long before your customer ever buys your product

Most people think end-to-end customer experience (CX) starts when a customer begins to evaluate their buying options or after they’ve bought a product. This perspective leads many organizations to focus on improving the experience of using their product (usability) or shortening the time it takes to resolve a customers’ issue (customer service). But, in reality,…

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Responsive Enterprise

Adedayo Ojo joins Celerity as new Salesforce lead: Digital engagement specialist to manage firm’s customer transformation efforts

McLEAN, VIRGINIA, July 7, 2021—Accomplished customer solution expert Adedayo (Dayo) Ojo has joined global advisory firm Celerity as the new Salesforce lead and Senior Director of Customer Transformation. Dayo will also build out the firm’s burgeoning Salesforce practice to help clients leverage premier CRM tools to increase their customer centricity, responsiveness, operational excellence, and enterprise…

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Customer experience

Celerity Welcomes Kathy Hebert as New VP of Marketing: Award-winning leader to build on two decades of success in strategic communications

McLEAN, VIRGINIA, July 8, 2021—Global business and technology advisory firm Celerity announced the hiring of Kathy Hebert as their new Vice President of Marketing. A seasoned leader with more than 20 years of marketing experience, Kathy will develop and oversee multi-channel content and branding strategies to promote Celerity’s integrated services. Kathy will play an integral…

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Customer experience

What's new in nonprofit transformation?: With Julia Fitzgerald, from American Lung Association, and Ryan Hatcher, from Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

On June 3rd, Celerity hosted a LinkedIn LIVE Health + Life Sciences panel discussion, Evolving Organizations, Responsive Enterprise. These talks are always fun, but this one was especially important to me. How often do you get to talk with leaders whose healthcare associations touch millions of people impacted by blood cancer or lung problems? I…

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Editor's Picks

Why do companies struggle with digital transformation?

Companies of all sizes are faced with industry disruption, new technologies, and changing customer needs. Organizations with outdated…

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Operational Excellence

Leading people through forced change

When employees face disruptive change, they are often spurred on because there is a well-founded “why”—a justification for…

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Customer experience

So you have a journey map. Now what?

As organizations strive to become more customer-centric, journey mapping has become an integral tool to help organizations get…

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RPA in 2020

Mindless. Repetitive. Tedious. Necessary. Some of the most important functions in your business are cyclical, manual processes. Often…

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LinkedIn LIVE events


What’s new in nonprofit transformation?

On June 3rd, Celerity hosted a LinkedIn LIVE Health + Life Sciences panel discussion, Evolving Organizations, Responsive Enterprise. These ...

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Leading digital transformation

Bouncing forward: Leading digital transformation

Nonprofits and member associations have had to reconcile a rapid digital pivot with their event strategy due to the pandemic. Jay Brodsky, ...

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Whiteboard planning

Bouncing forward: Change management and customer experience

Anyone who sits down with Sjaloom Verhagen, as I had the privilege to do on the most recent installment of Celerity’s Bouncing forward ...

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Webinars + podcasts

activate journey map

Activate your journey map

Why is activating a journey map difficult? As organizations digitally evolve and transform, every aspect of the customer journey is mapped. ...

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innovation at scale

Harnessing innovation at scale

Harnessing innovation can be painful and disruptive unless you turn an innovation process into part of your company’s everyday routine. ...

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Service Blueprinting

Service blueprinting explained

Work smarter. Not harder. How we do our work matters, especially in today’s business climate. When employees are productive and engaged, ...

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