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Enterprise Agility

Bouncing Forward

Celerity CEO Ken Quaglio joined the Pittsburgh Tech Council’s TechVibe podcast recently to discuss today’s three key business drivers and why “bouncing back” from challenges is no longer enough. Celerity believes you have to bounce forward with agility and responsiveness to succeed in this era of uncertainty. Ken also gives his take on which industry…

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Operational Excellence

Empathy, perseverance, and the art of project management

2020 has certainly turned out differently than we anticipated when we were all wishing each other a Happy New Year! Coronavirus, murder hornets, giant carnivorous sea cucumbers (just wait…). My colleagues have written topical posts for Insights exploring the impact the coronavirus has had on specific areas of the world, including an excellent essay from…

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Customer Centricity

Journey Mapping

If only we could crawl inside our customers’ heads to learn what they think and feel when they interact with our brand. Then we could finely tune our solutions to create exceptional customer experiences. Right? Well, that’s what journey mapping can do. It allows you to visualize intangible customer experiences so you can better understand…

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3 conditions for changing the human experience

Hi everyone, By now, you may recall me saying the triggering events for clients to engage with us are due to something that was there all along, them changing or the world changing. It seems to me that the summer of 2020 highlights how some things were there all along and how those things can…

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Editor's Pick

Workforce Solutions

4 Key questions to ask your IT talent provider

This will come as no surprise—it’s getting harder and harder to find qualified IT talent. The unemployment rate…

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Strategy + Insights

Brief: Create a pragmatic application modernization plan

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the prospect of updating an entire portfolio of applications. But moving forward…

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Outlook: Where Is RPA Headed?

This article series began with examining what robotic process automation (RPA) is. It then made the case for…

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Operational Excellence

14 Must-Know Mobile App Best Practices

Mobile technology use is at an all time high as 80 percent of internet surfers now own a…

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