Guide: A guide for your change journey

Celerity’s proven framework for leading organizational change

Team of office coworkers collaborating on a project
Team of office coworkers collaborating on a project
Team of office coworkers collaborating on a project

Forbes estimates that 70% of companies will not reach their digital transformation project goals, wasting a collective $900 billion in the process. Forrester states that 50% of digital transformation efforts stalled because leaders struggled to compel their organizations to see and act differently. Meanwhile, the digital race is on, with competitiveness, customer experience and your organization’s success hanging in the balance.

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“People are at the center of change. At every step, the SEALSM framework prioritizes clear communication and frequent conversations so people at all levels understand both the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ behind the change.”

—Excerpt from ‘A guide for your change journey’

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Change journey

As experts in change management, we have developed a proven, holistic framework based on the characteristics and best practices of successful transformation—SEALSM. The SEALSM framework helps change leaders to identify and communicate the essentials behind the change, how it will affect employees’ daily lives, and the organization’s shared vision for success so that all your stakeholders understand and buy in to the mission at hand. Moreover, SEALSM simplifies the process of change management for your organization by working within your existing systems and meetings.