Strengthen your security posture against today’s cyberattacks

More cloud adoption means that an increasing amount of sensitive business data is vulnerable to exposure. It’s now more important than ever to create an effective security posture in an “always-on” world. Proper security planning can save your organization serious legal and financial consequences. Gone are the days when a simple security approach was enough. …

Outlook: Where Is RPA Headed?

The most powerful trend in RPA is its connection with artificial intelligence (AI) to vastly expand the universe of automation possibilities. This article examines where RPA is headed.

Top Uses for Robotic Process Automation

If you only read one point, read this: RPA is a profitable investment. The benefits of RPA in terms of cost savings and revenue generation not only massively outweigh the costs, they do so quickly. We’ll discuss five reasons why you should use RPA. We’ll again provide real-world examples for each reason, demonstrating the tangible, quantifiable benefits RPA can bring.

The Keys to Scale RPA

Implementing RPA at scale is a difficult task achieved by few firms so far. However, organizations that can provide clarity of purpose through engaged stakeholders, unity in execution through a supportive IT staff, empowered teams through an RPA center, and positive feedback loops with a strong implementing partner.

When to Use RPA: Necessary vs. Profitable Characteristics

This post will cover when to use RPA. It’s not a silver bullet for every problem your business has, but when applied correctly, it can drive significant efficiencies. We’ll discuss the necessary characteristics of process that leverages RPA, as well as the ideal characteristics that would make RPA be especially profitable for your organization.