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Accelerating Your Project With Collaborative Website Design: Can You Really Have It All?

Everyone has heard the old adage, “you can build it fast, good, or cheap…pick two.” In most situations, the reality is that you can’t have it all. But what if you could? Because collaborative design maximizes the possibility of achieving all three of these options, it may be worth considering for your next website project.…

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Redesigning the Intranet: How CMS Technologies & Social Tools Engage & Excite

Usually, the words ‘intranet’ and ‘exciting’ aren’t used together in the same sentence. But the days of traditional intranets serving as pure document repositories are long gone. The explosion of social tools and CMS technologies has given birth to the next generation of dynamic websites, including the corporate intranet. Once viewed as dry, stale sites…

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Editor's Pick

Workforce Solutions

4 Key questions to ask your IT talent provider

This will come as no surprise—it’s getting harder and harder to find qualified IT talent. The unemployment rate…

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Strategy + Insights

Brief: Create a pragmatic application modernization plan

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the prospect of updating an entire portfolio of applications. But moving forward…

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Outlook: Where Is RPA Headed?

This article series began with examining what robotic process automation (RPA) is. It then made the case for…

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Operational Excellence

14 Must-Know Mobile App Best Practices

Mobile technology use is at an all time high as 80 percent of internet surfers now own a…

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