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Why do companies struggle with digital transformation?

Companies of all sizes are faced with industry disruption, new technologies, and changing customer needs. Organizations with outdated…

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Operational Excellence

Leading people through forced change

When employees face disruptive change, they are often spurred on because there is a well-founded “why”—a justification for…

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Customer experience

So you have a journey map. Now what?

As organizations strive to become more customer-centric, journey mapping has become an integral tool to help organizations get…

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RPA in 2020

Mindless. Repetitive. Tedious. Necessary. Some of the most important functions in your business are cyclical, manual processes. Often…

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Whiteboard planning

Bouncing forward: Change management and customer experience

Anyone who sits down with Sjaloom Verhagen, as I had the privilege to do on the most recent installment of Celerity’s Bouncing forward ...

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Bouncing forward

Last week, I got to sit down with Dan Murray, advisor at Quantum Metric and former CDO of Bed Bath & Beyond. Dan is whip smart and has ...

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the Age of the Customer

Bouncing forward

Recently, Anoop Warrier, former Head of Digital for SunTrust Bank, spent some time with me discussing digital transformation and leadership ...

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Webinars + podcasts

activate journey map

Activate your journey map

Why is activating a journey map difficult? As organizations digitally evolve and transform, every aspect of the customer journey is mapped. ...

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innovation at scale

Harnessing innovation at scale

Harnessing innovation can be painful and disruptive unless you turn an innovation process into part of your company’s everyday routine. ...

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Service Blueprinting

Service blueprinting explained

Work smarter. Not harder. How we do our work matters, especially in today’s business climate. When employees are productive and engaged, ...

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