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Integrated program management office delivers operational excellence

Insights Integrated program management delivers operational excellence 01 Opportunity A global health services company in the Fortune 100 was losing $30 to $40 million annually due to inefficiencies in their claims management processes and systems. To improve alignment of initiatives, maximize outcomes, and gain a more holistic view of its entire project portfolio, management established…

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Business Process Management Delivers Post-Acquisition Success

Insights Business Process Management Delivers Post-Acquisition Success 01 Opportunity When a leading national bank acquired a $30 billion credit card portfolio from a competitor, it needed to modify existing business processes—and design new ones—to support the servicing of over 9 million customer accounts. Ensuring its newly merged processes would perform was paramount to the bank’s ability…

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Helping aspiring doctors attend medical school with a new digital experience

Insights Helping aspiring doctors attend medical school with a new digital experience 01 Opportunity The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) sought to improve brand recognition of its products and services with a unified online experience that would become the primary avenue for aspiring physicians, medical students, and residents to manage their medical careers. Services…

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UX Evaluation for Price Quoting Platform

Insights Heuristic Analysis Increases Conversion Opportunities for Price Quoting Platform. 01 Opportunity A rising auto insurance provider needed help attracting and converting prospective customers using their online price quoting platform, a key lead-generating component of their website. After discovering that the site suffered from high abandonment rates, the insurer engaged Celerity for a high-return heuristic…

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Intranet Redesign and Development

Insights Next Generation Intranet Fuels Collaboration and Engagement for National Geographic Employees. 01 Opportunity National Geographic wanted to build a more interactive intranet to improve employee collaboration and communication. A next generation site was vital to meeting the company’s goals for improving the employee experience, fostering an inclusive organizational culture, and accommodating more social capabilities.…

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Integrated Program Management Standards

Insights Integrated Program Management Standards Accelerate Global Product Offerings. 01 Opportunity A leading provider of mobile communications services in Latin America needed to accelerate its ability to offer new products and services while greatly improving future operational efficiency. To do so, the company required a new, enterprise-level approach to rapidly deliver shared platforms across its…

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Custom Sales Application

Insights Custom Sales Application Drives Revenue and Data Integrity for Energy Retailer. 01 Opportunity National energy company in the Fortune 100 needed to improve the efficiency of its retail gas sales team. The sales team had previously deferred all system and data processing to a support staff due to the high level of technical expertise…

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Agile Coaching and Transformation

Insights Coaching Agile Teams Streamlining the Use of Agile in Your Organization Ensuring alignment around consistent development frameworks can transform the benefits you receive from Agile. A premier mail order and eCommerce retailer was having issues with their technology development projects. Development was too slow and they were losing money on initiatives as a result.…

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Risk Management Infrastructure

Insights Celerity Establishes Risk Management Infrastructure for Leading National Bank. 01 Opportunity As the result of a major Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enforcement action, a leading national bank in the Fortune 100 was forced to pay $250 million in fines and penalties for its credit card cross-sell program. To better understand, manage, and contain its…

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End-to-End Insurance Broker Marketplace

Insights Moving from Paper to Digital Platform Transforms Insurance Broker Experience. 01 Opportunity A leading Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance company was facing an overwhelming volume of renewal activity and needed to automate its slow, error-prone paper system to support scalability and growth. A new digital portal for brokers, which could facilitate both renewals…

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Why do companies struggle with digital transformation?

Companies of all sizes are faced with industry disruption, new technologies, and changing customer needs. Organizations with outdated…

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Operational Excellence

Leading people through forced change

When employees face disruptive change, they are often spurred on because there is a well-founded “why”—a justification for…

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Customer experience

So you have a journey map. Now what?

As organizations strive to become more customer-centric, journey mapping has become an integral tool to help organizations get…

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RPA in 2020

Mindless. Repetitive. Tedious. Necessary. Some of the most important functions in your business are cyclical, manual processes. Often…

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Activate your journey map

Why is activating a journey map difficult? As organizations digitally evolve and transform, every aspect of the customer journey is mapped. ...

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innovation at scale

Harnessing innovation at scale

Harnessing innovation can be painful and disruptive unless you turn an innovation process into part of your company’s everyday routine. ...

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