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Enterprise Agility

Bouncing Forward

Celerity CEO Ken Quaglio joined the Pittsburgh Tech Council’s TechVibe podcast recently to discuss today’s three key business drivers and why “bouncing back” from challenges is no longer enough. Celerity believes you have to bounce forward with agility and responsiveness to succeed in this era of uncertainty. Ken also gives his take on which industry…

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Workforce Solutions

4 Key questions to ask your IT talent provider

This will come as no surprise—it’s getting harder and harder to find qualified IT talent. The unemployment rate in the tech sector has reached an historic low at 1.3%1. And the situation is projected to get worse, creating a perfect storm for staffing in the IT industry. LinkedIn predicts that, by 2020, the technology, media…

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Operational Excellence

5 Ways BPM Consultants Improve Change Management

Change is hard. Have you ever heard the following objections to innovation from your organization? “My department is unique.” “That sounds great in theory, but it wouldn't work in our environment.” “An outsider doesn’t understand the way we operate.” Business Process Management (BPM) consultants hear these objections at the beginning of virtually every project we…

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Workforce Solutions

Why Companies are Making the Shift from Staffing to Managed Services

Staffing sales are currently reaching more than $130 billion annually in the US, but what happens when traditional staffing—which is highly transactional and often lacks flexibility—no longer serves a business’ needs from a value-based partnership perspective? Today, many enterprise-level businesses with complex skillset requirements have reached critical mass with staffing providers, left with too many…

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Editor's Picks

Strategy + Insights

Why do companies struggle with digital transformation?

Companies of all sizes are faced with industry disruption, new technologies, and changing customer needs. Organizations with outdated…

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Operational Excellence

Leading people through forced change

When employees face disruptive change, they are often spurred on because there is a well-founded “why”—a justification for…

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Customer Centricity

So you have a journey map. Now what?

As organizations strive to become more customer-centric, journey mapping has become an integral tool to help organizations get…

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Cloud Services

RPA in 2020

Mindless. Repetitive. Tedious. Necessary. Some of the most important functions in your business are cyclical, manual processes. Often…

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LinkedIn LIVE events

Bouncing forward: Leading digital transformation

Learn how digital transformation is giving forward-thinking organizations the opportunity to...

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Bouncing forward: Change management and customer experience

How can you achieve large-scale change management that improves both the customer experience...

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Bouncing forward: Business resilience in the next normal

In a world that is increasingly going digital-first, how do you enable true transformation? Dan Murray...

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Webinars + podcasts

Harnessing innovation at scale

Harnessing innovation can be painful and disruptive unless you turn an innovation process into....

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Service blueprinting explained webinar

Service blueprinting explained

Service blueprinting can help optimize processes that set the stage for increased employee...

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TechVibe Podcast interview with Ken Quaglio

TechVibe podcast: Bouncing forward

Celerity CEO Ken Quaglio joined the Pittsburgh Tech Council’s TechVibe podcast to discuss...

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