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Personalization Demystified


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“Organize what you know into persona profiles that describe your key types of users. The end result will tell you: 'As a [customer type] I am most concerned about [primary goals and triggers], and I am most likely to seek answers via [content, engagement, and channel preferences].'”

-Excerpt from Personalization Demystified

Personalization Is Possible

While personalization is a priority for customer experience leaders, it can feel overwhelming to execute at scale. It requires fusing strategy, data, technology, and content. It takes knowing your customer journey and which attributes are most relevant for your personas at each stage of that journey. In this overview, Celerity's content experts demystify the seven steps to a personalized customer experience.


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  • Which personas and journeys to target
  • How to think about data triggers for each persona
  • What kind of content experiences will be most impactful

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