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Engage and empower people with SEALSM Change Management

Lead a focused approach to drive + enable change.

Celerity provides a comprehensive solution to lead and implement change management strategies that help operationalize change at all levels of your organization.

Our SEALSM framework recognizes that people are at the center of everything we do and critical for any change to succeed. We use SEALSM to regularly address resistance to change so that teams feel empowered to make the right decisions to deliver and sustain the desired results.

A Framework for Successful Change Management

Our SEALSM framework drastically increases project success while providing a flexible approach that fits your organization.



What does it take to SEALSM your change?

01  Design a clear and compelling case for change with full buy-in from the organization.

02  Build a network of leaders + strong stakeholders to drive the change locally.

03 Create commitment + eliminate negative behaviors.

04 Close capability gaps with the necessary skills to achieve the change.

05 Embed responsibility for driving the vision into day-to-day.

06  Track relevant metrics to monitor progress and continuously improve.