Sitecore CMS with xDB: The Future of Digital Marketing

If you’re a Sitecore CMS user, you’ve no doubt heard about their Experience Platform with xDB, the newest digital marketing and analytics tool. You’re probably wondering what all the hype is about and how it can work for your company, so we’ve summarized a recent XP implementation with xDB to help users get a better grasp on its capabilities and potential benefits.

Our web solution revolved around implementing the digital marketing aspects of Sitecore CMS to improve lead generation processes and personalization strategies for a Fortune 1000 company that specializes in a complex array of niche products and services. Here’s how we did it:

    • Content Profiling: We created four profiling dimensions for each of the company’s markets: Customer Persona, Customer Market, Product Categories, and Buying Cycle Stage. Content was scored according to relevance of the different dimensions.
    • Predictive Personalization: We configured Sitecore’s CMS to present targeted content based on the content profiling inferred from their browsing behavior. User’s profiles are updated with their browsing history so they can be identified in future interactions.
    • Campaign Management: Using xDB, we enabled a client to tag traffic from all of its advertising channels. This allows for greater insight to ROI and more transparency around “spend management.”
    • Behavior Tracking and Targeting: We identified behavior patterns that allow Sitecore xDB to recognize the real-time browsing behavior of a user, which can then qualify them for further, targeted engagement.
    • Lead Qualification and Transfer: We developed rules that evaluate user profiles and qualify users as leads whenever their behavior matches certain parameters. Those parameters could be opening an email, clicking a link, looking for specific products or services, or a combination of those actions.

Using Sitecore’s CMS and integrated marketing automation tools, we were able to execute a structured, personalized lead generation strategy that will:

  • Ensure a steady stream of qualified sales leads
  • Move prospects more quickly through the sales funnel with personalized content
  • Help our client manage advertising expenses more efficiently
  • Reduce time spent by the sales team on evaluating leads

I’m convinced that the Sitecore Experience Platform can provide a competitive advantage for those that use it effectively. Through Sitecore’s combination of powerful CMS and advanced marketing automation functionality, our client can use targeting strategies, proper cms website design, informative journey mapping, and optimized prospect analytics to drive more qualified leads to their sales team.