Think small: The realist’s case for pragmatic transformation webinar

Is a full-scale digital transformation really what you need?

Join guest speakers Nigel Fenwick, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, Randy Hopper, SVP of Mortgage Lending at Navy Federal Credit Union, and Celerity CEO Ken Quaglio for Think Small: The Realist’s Case for Pragmatic Transformation, an eye-opening discussion of the transformational challenges today’s organizations face and, more importantly, what to do about them within the timeframes and budgets you have available.

As we enter the 2020s, the speed of change has many organizations finding themselves overwhelmed, under-resourced, and concerned that an economic downturn could hamper any investment they make. Meanwhile, your competitors and your customers are moving forward—with or without you.

Learn practical transformation strategies
you can start taking today

Discover the top transformation issues organizations face

Learn how to prioritize the most essential elements to transform first

Gain valuable insights into how to choose a transformation partner

Meet the Panelists

Nigel Fenwick

Nigel Fenwick

Vice President, Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Nigel serves digital business professionals working across the C-suite to provide insight and guidance in a world disrupted by technology. Recognized as a visionary with insight into emerging trends, he has published leading research on digital transformation, social media, business strategy, innovation, retail, and marketing. His latest research on digital business examines customer value and the fundamental business changes needed in the age of the customer to win, serve, and retain customers.

Randy Hopper

Senior Vice President, Mortgage Lending
Navy Federal Credit Union

Randy Hopper is the Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending at Navy Federal Credit Union. He leads a team of 2,000 mortgage professionals managing operations for nationwide mortgage and equity origination and is involved with all aspects of business strategy and culture. Focused on members of the military, veterans, and their families, Navy Federal’s residential home loan business is among the 20 largest in the US and is comprised of consumer direct and retail origination channels.

Ken Quaglio


Ken Quaglio is the CEO of Celerity, where he leads a global team of experts focused on helping organizations thrive in a future environment where the pace of business change is accelerating and uncertainty is a daily reality. After spending nearly 30 years as a consultant and marketing executive for Fortune 500 companies and several startups, he believes businesses need to reframe their business and technology strategies from the perspective of the customer. As technology advances drive ever-increasing business velocity by removing the ‘friction’ that impedes agility, they also enable new products/services, processes, organizations, markets and ecosystems.

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