Agile metrics: 5 ways to measure your team's success

One of the core tenets of Agile is empirical validation and making decisions based on actual, measured data. As an Agile leader, one of your primary goals is to help improve the value your organization is delivering and to do so at speed. Historically, organizations have aligned value to outputs assuming they are predictive of outcomes; but, experience tells us there is more to the story.

Agile success measures and validation occur at different levels: Team (success and Agile adoption for each team), Portfolio (demand management & capacity) and Organization (adoption of business agility and transformation progress). At the Team level, two main flaws exist when attempting to measure your Agile teams: 1) the wrong people are doing the measuring, and 2) the wrong things are being measured.

For organizations that are already on the path to Agile and have implemented some of the core foundations of Agile or one of the various Agile frameworks, these team success measures will help you and your team on your Agile journey.

In this paper you will learn:

Icon: Star5 key metrics to measure your team’s success

innovative disruptionHow to properly measure each key metric

Icon: VolunteerHow these metrics will improve your team’s overall morale

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