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The travel and hospitality industry is transforming at an unparalleled rate. Travelers are interfacing with brands in new ways, craving personalized and memorable experiences. Relentless market competition from new, digital disruptors elevates the importance of driving repeat business through seamless customer journeys and powerful loyalty programs.

We help companies modernize their digital assets and create integrated travel platforms while decreasing costs and realizing operational efficiencies.

Driving brand loyalty and personalized experiences for Amadeus customers

As an Amadeus partner we set out to accelerate innovation across the travel ecosystem through developing components of the Amadeus Digital Experience Suite.

On June 19th and 20th at the Amadeus Airline Executive Conference in Istanbul, Celerity CEO Ken Quaglio took the stage to debut Avia Flight Compare: the first in a series of deployable components built on the Suite and available through the Amadeus Open Marketplace​. Avia Flight Compare enables airlines to provide travelers the ability to customize flights by destination, itinerary, cabin, and ancillaries – and save, share and book seamlessly from beginning to end.

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We help our clients capture increased levels of performance, break down barriers through optimizing data, allowing companies to implement decisions faster and compete in today’s user-centric world.



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