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Digital Integration Roadmap Helps Energy Association Improve Customer Engagement



The largest U.S. trade association for the oil and gas industry wanted to vastly improve the user experience of its most prominent customer-facing applications. These applications support the licensing, registration, and certification of thousands of affiliated individuals/organizations, which serves as the association’s core source of revenue.

To launch the new and improved applications without experiencing a major hiccup in its daily business, the association sought a strategic partner to quickly identify both short and long-term improvements, refine its internal Agile development process, and develop an improvement plan for user experience and lower-cost maintenance.


  • Agile Development
  • Discovery + user insights
  • Process optimization
  • Program + project delivery
  • Strategy planning + execution
  • User experience design



The association engaged Celerity to create a comprehensive digital strategy, beginning with analysis of business processes, technologies, project artifacts, requirements, and user experience design. Specific application challenges included a poorly designed user experience, system bugs, and a lack of integration with legacy and support systems—resulting in an influx of complaints to their call center. Additionally, the existing platforms had a weak architecture and code base, and current product and project management processes lacked transparency.

Celerity analyzed the current system from functionality to business processes, performed a usability assessment, developed a code stabilization plan, and established a baseline for program/project management quality. At the end of the assessment, Celerity presented a digitally integrated roadmap of recommendations to address system shortcomings and move toward a more solid technology infrastructure.



By helping the association understand the integrated relationship between strategy, experience, process, and technology, Celerity enabled their enterprise agility and improved the experience for its thousands of constituents. Celerity was further engaged to proceed with a longer-term engagement for Agile development to provide enhancements and maintenance on two applications.



  • A digitally integrated approach created an end-to-end roadmap for improvement.
  • The Business Process Fit Report (Fit-Gap) assessed alignment of system functionalist to business processes.
  • The assessment was completed in only 6 weeks.

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