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Establish the culture, architectures, and technology to adapt and respond to opportunity

Deliver products and services of value at speed

Lead your agile transformation by continuously delivering value, embracing change, fostering collaboration, and focusing on the customer. Tailored, pragmatic practices informed by established frameworks allow us to move your organization from understanding concepts to practicing agile to a true cultural change.

Understand, practice, and realize the value of agile approaches

We help organizations like yours:

Empower teams to deliver value, foster innovation, and rapidly respond to the changing needs of your customer

Instill agile principles, practices, and mindset across your organization to optimize interactions, collaboration, and learning while driving towards a common goal

Build applications leveraging disciplined, empowered agile teams

Continuously focus on innovation and delivering value

Agile team coaching

Create empowered, cross-functional teams that iteratively test hypotheses, demonstrate outcomes, and incorporate feedback. We help teams deliver value quickly and efficiently.

Agile Method IconLeading Agile transformation

Practice the frameworks, structures, and approaches that align teams, establish lean governance methods, remove impediments, and enable agile at scale.

DevOps + DevSecOps

Release updates more frequently, securely, and with less risk, and navigate the processes and cultural changes of implementing CI/CD, test automation, and containerization.

Agile application development

Create and scale disciplined, empowered agile teams for quality engineering across a range of systems and technology stacks through best-shore development options.

We believe everyone can take pragmatic steps to be agile, starting right now. Our AgileNowTM engagement model recognizes that every organization is different and so is every Agile Journey. Whether you are new to agile or you aren't fully realizing the benefits that you look to gain, Celerity can help.

An approach tailored to your unique needs


We’re pragmatic

Our teams do more than coach: we practice and demonstrate side-by-side with you.

We’re value-driven

We ruthlessly prioritize value and empower teams and organizations to do the same.

Culture + values

We’re corporate changemakers

We customize frameworks to fit your organization, not the other way around, to drive true change.

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