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Using Product Thinking to improve health system employee efficiency, effectiveness and productivity

Medical team using Product Thinking to improve employee experiences

Engagement at-a-glance

Celerity partnered with one of the largest health systems in the US to develop and deliver an employee-centric intranet experience that is helping caregivers be more efficient, effective and productive so they stay focused on providing high quality care.

Our team of innovation experts focused on:


Product-focused approach to gather and prioritize employee needs

Successful transfer of skills, knowledge and coached “hands-on” experience

Iterative prototype refinement to accommodate key stakeholder audiences

icon, design thinking innovation

Adoption and application of Agile methodology to create a product roadmap

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed that the existing intranet could not effectively support both onsite and remote  employee experiences. Based on early internal research, the previous intranet was likely costing them over $1M per year in lost productivity. The volume of poorly organized information, coupled with search limitations, meant employees were less than confident they were accessing current and timely information. The leadership seized on a required platform upgrade as an opportunity to build an flexible, iterative intranet that can be rapidly reconfigured in response to ever-changing employees needs. The health system had partnered with Celerity team members before, and asked to partner again based on relationship strength and the quality of prior consulting work.

Celerity's mission

Celerity was selected to help them learn, use and apply Agile, product management and design thinking methodologies to researching, designing, developing, testing and operating a re-imagined intranet experience.

The solution

Celerity’s team collected, analyzed and synthesized a wide range of stakeholder data and inputs and developed a strategic site framework, product-focused governance and operational models, a change management and adoption plan, and a roadmap for rapid, collaborative development and delivery of six initial prototype sites.

In collaboration with a third-party vendor, Celerity’s team worked closely to help our client’s team understand and begin to independently lead a series of iterative, focused design sprints to ensure the prototypes would meet both enterprise and clinical, administrative and operational stakeholder groups.

The outcome

Our solution launched six initial sites that were designed to support critical clinical, administrative and operational business units. The team delivered the prototypes on time, on budget, and set the client’s internal team up to successfully use product management and design-based approaches to rapidly adapt to changing employee needs going forward.

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