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Innovating the future of recruiting and work

By journey mapping today's talent experience, a global leader in recruiting and HR services unlocks opportunities for a human-centered future of work

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Engagement at-a-glance

A global leader in recruiting and HR services is on a mission to realize it’s vision of a human-centered future of work. To build the customer-centric and agility culture required to realize its vision, they turned to Celerity.

Our team of innovation experts focused on:


Creating five end-to-end customer journeys based on 80-plus interviews

Identifying two high-value projects to begin strengthening critical areas of the talent experience

Delivery of an ideation toolkit for ensuring future solutions address talent's core needs

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Modeling innovation techniques and mindset across more than 50 international stakeholder groups

The challenge

With so much disruption felt across the world of work and to maintain a competitive edge, our client looked to deepen their commitment to envisioning a future of recruiting and work that put talent first and positioned the firm as the world's most valued "work-life partner."

But with a company footprint in 39 countries and many categories of job seekers to support, our client didn't know where to begin. While some customer research and journey-mapping initiatives were already in progress, there was no consistency in how data was being collected and analyzed, and none of the initiatives covered the full lifecycle of their talent—from the moment a candidate begins their job search to when they leave the company.

In short, they needed a clean slate—and they needed to gain momentum fast.

Celerity's mission

Our team was engaged to fully understand the most significant challenges its talent faces and gain the organizational alignment needed to seize high-value opportunities for bringing its vision of a people-first world of work to life.

The solution

Applying Celerity's proven framework of thinking big, starting small, and moving fast, we saw that focusing on a primary audience of "talent" (job seekers and staff) in the client's US market would offer the keenest insights—and drive the most impact.

From there, we dove deeper into what talent's biggest needs were and how our client could ensure the solutions developed addressed every single one of them.

Using journey mapping to create a shared understanding

Through interviews with more than 80 of the client's job seekers and staff, some notable challenges emerged across their end-to-end journeys, along with plenty of opportunities to create a superior talent experience.

From those key patterns, we created a portfolio of five comprehensive journey maps that shared the real stories of our client's talent. Each map offered a visual, storytelling method to easily digest thousands of data points, empathize with talent's needs, and quickly uncover high-value opportunities. This approach greatly expedited alignment and prioritization, as every stakeholder now understood the challenges at hand and could work to achieve a shared set of goals.

Ensuring solutions place talent first and drive innovation

With opportunities uncovered for driving talent advocacy, our next step was to create an ideation toolkit to ensure the solutions our client developed addressed its talent's core needs. Several cross-silo workshops were also conducted to promote the journey mapping process's key findings and launch blue-sky ideation.

Standardizing and scaling innovation

To fortify the foundation for future talent research and insight gathering, we also collaborated with the client's team to identify the best journey mapping software and establish a set of standards for the organization, including:

  • Adopting a standard journey map structure and defined journey stages
  • Creating a single, transparent source of truth across all global initiatives through selection of Journey Orchestration software and hierarchy

The outcome

Through targeted work sessions, the client's team flagged two pilot innovation projects to map and ideate at a hyper-targeted level. As well, an Ideation toolkit was developed and socialized across project teams to ensure future solutions address talent's needs. Not only will these projects help them strengthen areas of the talent experience that will drive the most impact, but they'll also have opportunities to apply their learnings, continue fostering a mindset of customer-centricity, and work collaboratively with teams across the world to expedite organizational decision-making—all while iteratively refining and optimizing their processes.

Additionally, the new journey mapping standards put in place will enable the client's international teams to dovetail their insights across one uniform platform. The client will also be able to pull in real-time data, and work from the same data set to create seamless talent experiences and drive high-level decision-making for future initiatives across more than 50 international stakeholder groups.

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