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Delivering digital prototypes based on empirical evidence to reduce erosion and increase annual operating profit

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Engagement at-a-glance

In just 8 weeks, Celerity partnered with a Fortune 10 Healthcare client to conquer challenges tied to manual data collection, limited insights visibility, and solution evaluation. By delivering Salesforce-integrated proof-of-concept digital prototypes, we not only met their needs but also secured an ongoing partnership to drive efficiency, boost data insights, and bolster their bottom line.

Our team of experts focused on:

innovative disruption

Leading stakeholder workshops to align on short-term goals, long-term vision, and success metrics for the tool

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Conducting 17 generative, in-depth individual interviews that led to the creation of 4 user personas, 4 current state journey maps, and user stories

Engaging in an iterative design process, including 6 design reviews and 16 moderated usability testing sessions, to deliver a proof-of-concept prototype

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Handing over Figma prototype design files, research artifacts, and user requirements list as well as next step recommendations for the build and launch of the tool

The challenge

The client faced several problems, including manual data collection and tracking, limited visibility into data insights, and challenges in determining the value of solutions. The sales team only reported on a few select solutions, leaving potential value untapped. Additionally, leadership lacked visibility into trends and struggled to make informed investment decisions. Celerity was brought onboard to identify the current state, user needs, pain points, and key metrics, as well as to design a proof-of-concept prototype that would address these challenges.

The solution

To tackle the project effectively, our team of user experience researchers and designers employed the Triple Diamond Framework. The first phase focused on understanding the current state, user needs, and key metrics. We conducted workshops, stakeholder interviews, and artifact analysis to gain insights. We used affinity mapping to identify patterns and synthesized the information into a future state vision, key insights from stakeholder interviews, user personas, current state journey maps, and user stories.

In the second phase, we followed an iterative process of experimentation, seeking to solve user problems through ideation and testing. We gathered user requirements, created design sketches, conducted design system research, and held technical alignment workshops. We also conducted design reviews and moderated usability testing sessions to refine and validate the design concepts. Through this iterative process, we developed proof-of-concept digital prototypes for 4 user types based on empirical evidence.

The outcome

Our engagement with the client resulted in significant progress on a project that had been in the works for 4 years. Within a span of less than 8 weeks, we delivered proof-of-concept digital prototypes that fulfilled user requirements and received glowing feedback from client stakeholders. The client was particularly pleased with the alignment achieved, the quality of the work, and the speed of delivery.

Based on our successful performance, we have been retained to assist with the building and launch of the tool, with ongoing work planned through 2023. The anticipated outcomes of the tool's launch include greater efficiency for users, increased visibility into data insights and reporting, and improved reporting on solutions. Ultimately, the tool aims to reduce contract erosion and increase annual operating profit for the client.

Client stakeholders expressed their satisfaction with our work, highlighting their excitement and appreciation for the progress achieved within a short timeframe. Their positive feedback reflects the value we delivered to their organization and our ability to meet their expectations.

The collaboration between Celerity and the client resulted in the successful delivery of a proof-of-concept prototype that addressed the challenges faced by the organization. By leveraging established design frameworks, conducting thorough research, and following an iterative design process, we were able to provide empirical evidence-based solutions that fulfilled user requirements. The ongoing partnership with the client further emphasizes the value we brought to their organization and our commitment to supporting their goals.

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