Case Studies » Leading National Bank

Transforming Business Processes Using Robotic Process Automation



A leading national bank in the Fortune 100 found the level of effort associated with online document validation overwhelming to maintain with existing resources. Additionally, the high degree of manual activity increased the risk of human error that would affect customer experience and regulatory compliance. They needed a solution that could perform the tasks more quickly and accurately, without scaling up the hours worked by full-time employees.


  • Process Optimization
  • Risk Mitigation & Compliance
  • Robotic Process Automation



The bank engaged Celerity to perform an assessment of their online artifacts and identify the potential candidates for automated validation. After working with SMEs to understand the requirements and regulations, Celerity consultants developed a validation approach using robotic process automation (RPA) software.



Celerity’s approach and RPA solution enhanced the quality of work and the resulting customer experience, increased the speed of execution, reduced the costs involved to maintain the process, and minimized compliance risk without the need for more employee hours. The success of this validation approach resulted in applying modified versions of Celerity's RPA strategy to several additional initiatives at the bank.



  • 60-day manual process reduced to one day
  • Robot accuracy close to 100%
  • Validation frequency increased from quarterly to monthly
  • Reducing the risks to customer experience and regulatory compliance