Activate your journey map

5 steps to overcoming barriers

activate journey map
activate journey map
activate journey map

Why is activating a journey map difficult?

As organizations digitally evolve and transform, every aspect of the customer journey is mapped. Increasingly, these journeys cross internal silos and business units—are both offline and online, managed by multiple teams, and influenced by dozens of IT systems.

Even when opportunities for improvement are clear, activating your customer journey map is complex. Common barriers to journey map activation include fear of change and reluctance to take risks, internal inertia, and lack of alignment on priorities and metrics. But the results, measured in operational savings, increased revenue and satisfaction scores are worthwhile.

Join Celerity’s Betsy Noullet and Albert Thibault to learn 5 ways to overcome barriers and fully activate your journey map.

Meet the speakers

Betsy Noullet

Betsy Noullet

Manager, UX Strategy/Service Design

Betsy Noullet is Manager, UX Strategy + Service Design at Celerity. She works with Celerity clients to deeply understand people, uncover their motivations and needs, and find business solutions that help clients turn people into loyal customers. Betsy leads teams to conduct research analysis, user interviews, mindmapping, journey mapping, and ideation workshops.

Albert Thibault


Albert Thibault has two decades of experience helping companies in a variety of industries improve business outcomes by delivering innovative, customer-driven technology solutions. Albert’s expertise spans all aspects of digital transformation, including issues surrounding customer experience, UX and design, product innovation, and software development.

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