Report: The state of digital transformation today

What we know now

digital business transformation
digital business transformation
digital business transformation

Wherever you were on your technology modernization journey at the start of 2020, COVID-19 has likely caused sizable changes in your business. Many organizations have been pleasantly surprised by the ROI they’ve experienced from COVID’s “forced” digital business transformation. Are you using this opportunity to its full advantage?

We surveyed C-suite and technology executives across the US to see how COVID impacted technology modernization and robotic process automation efforts, digital customer experiences, Agile processes, and more. Shared through the unique lens of the pandemic, respondents offered their perspectives on:

  • What has shifted from an organizational standpoint and what remains the same?
  • What can senior leaders do to prepare for what’s next?
  • How are organizations balancing their tech investments and their talent objectives?
  • How is remote work upping the ante on digital business transformation?
  • What role does talent play as technology takes on an even bigger role?
  • How has having the most up-to-date technologies become table stakes?

“63% of leaders say COVID-19 made their organizations embrace digital transformation sooner than they had expected and were making greater investments in technology as a result.”

—Excerpt from ‘What we know now: The state of digital transformation today’

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With your digital business transformation rapidly accelerating, The state of digital transformation today can be your roadmap for planning next steps. Others are using these principles to thrive amidst unprecedented disruption. You can too.