Harnessing innovation at scale

Innovation can be repeated—and scaled

innovation at scale
innovation at scale
innovation at scale

Tap into a proven process to harness innovation at scale

Since the COVID shut-downs in March, companies of all sizes have been forced to re-think old ways of doing business. The ability to successfully innovate new products, new features, even new ways of thinking, is vital. We’ve worked with mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies in this situation, and have seen common themes emerge.

Above all, we’ve demonstrated that innovation can be repeated—and scaled. To learn how, register for our free webinar, Harnessing innovation at scale, and learn our repeatable and proven innovation process based on design thinking principles, commitment to operational excellence, and a focus on cross-functional teamwork.

The result of our innovation process is enhanced customer and employee experiences in every corner of your organization, cementing your ability to thrive in today’s extraordinary circumstances—and beyond.

In this half-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to:

innovation at scale

Create a purposeful and repeatable innovation process at scale

innovation at scale

Make customer-centricity a catalyst for innovation

innovation at scale

Recognize innovation behaviors and barriers

Meet the speaker

Aaron Kennelly

Principal, Customer Experience

Aaron Kennelly helps Celerity clients discover unmet customer needs and design innovative products and services to meet those needs. Aaron is a CX leader skilled in human-centered design, user research, design thinking and creative collaboration, workshop facilitation, and learning.

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