On-Demand Webinar: How Responsive Enterprises thrive in uncertain times

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When disruption reigns, let your customers show you the way with Customer-Centricity, Operational Effectiveness and Agility

Business as usual is really anything but – all organizations are facing rapid change due to an increase in customer demand, an evolving technology landscape and shifting external landscape. Business and technology leaders must contend with customer centricity, market urgency, and operational and business uncertainty to succeed. But what does that mean? And how do you apply it?

Watch this webinar to learn:

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How to effectively manage in this age of customers, urgency, and uncertainty

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How Responsive Enterprises embrace change to create competitive advantage

innovative disruption

How evolving capabilities and culture can enable brands to deliver better customer and business outcomes

Meet the speakers

Celerity leadership: Curt Schwab, President & CCO


Curt Schwab, President and CCO, Celerity

As Chief Client Officer, Curt works with members of the Celerity team and our clients to coordinate, execute, and deliver strategies that have meaningful, lasting positive impact. He has 22+ years of leadership and consulting experience, playing pivotal roles in guiding Fortune 1000, government agencies, and non-profit organizations through the challenging processes of digital transformation and creating integrated experience for brands.

Celerity leadership: Katie Markwell, Consulting Services


Senior Vice President of Consulting Services, Celerity

Katie Markwell leads our Consulting Services including service delivery focused on customer experience, operations, and agile delivery. With a fKatie Markwell leads our Consulting Services including service delivery focused on customer experience, operations, and agile delivery. With a focus on results and collaboration, she finds the win-win between effort and outcome, flexibility and consistency, and individuals and teams. Under her leadership, Celerity has earned world-class Net Promoter Scores, innovation awards, and client accolades.

Bobby Cameron, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester


VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Bobby serves CIOs. He is a leading expert on best practices for IT, including: business technology (BT), the empowered BT archetype, transformation from IT to BT, BT demand management, driving business innovation, business alignment, the business value of IT, BT strategic planning, IT governance, IT structure, IT/BT maturity, the marketing of IT, architecture and technology strategy, application development, IT operations, and serving the business.

His specialty is transformative technology use that drives business success in the emerging world of business technology (BT), like IT value creation, technology-based business innovation, and digital business networks.

Karen Fichuk, CEO, Randstad North America


CEO, Randstad North America

As the leader of Randstad’s core business brands in the U.S. and Canada, Karen is responsible for the largest market by revenue in the company’s global portfolio. Since joining the organization in 2019 from outside of the industry, Karen has been a champion of embracing change in order to create competitive advantage. Her fresh perspective and years of experience working in the data & analytics field are proving to be invaluable assets as Randstad continues to strengthen its digital foundation in order to play a leading role in the larger ecosystem of people’s working lives.

Watch this webinar for a discussion and analysis of our commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Celerity

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