Service blueprinting explained

The key to optimizing employee productivity

Service Blueprinting
Service Blueprinting
Service Blueprinting

Work smarter. Not harder.

How we do our work matters, especially in today’s business climate. When employees are productive and engaged, they dazzle customers, provide greater value, spark innovation, and invest in the success of the business. But all too often, we don’t plan our work processes around their needs.

Join Celerity for Service blueprinting explained: The key to optimizing employee productivity, a free webinar detailing how you can create processes that set the stage for optimal employee productivity, satisfaction and engagement.

In this half-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to:

 employee satisfaction

Spot the missing link of employee satisfaction in driving productivity and delivering value

employee productivity

Optimize processes that may have changed due to the pandemic, organizational change or digital transformation

Service Blueprinting

Develop streamlined processes using a service blueprinting approach

Meet the speaker

service blueprinting

Aaron Kennelly

Principal, Customer Experience

Aaron Kennelly helps Celerity clients discover unmet customer needs and design innovative products and services to meet those needs. Aaron is a CX leader skilled in human-centered design, user research, design thinking and creative collaboration, workshop facilitation, and learning.

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