Unleash Your Mobile App

If you've spent untold hours generating good content for your websites, chances are you want that content to pay dividends on mobile channels.

Celerity's mobile experts work with your marketing teams to outline the correct mobile strategy and solution for your situation.

We also work hand-in-hand with our CMS experts to build and deliver mobile content across the whole spectrum of mobile apps: native or web-based. CMS-managed or not, we specialize in scalable enterprise mobile applications and digital solutions that engage the mobile space quickly and effectively. Learn more about our mobile app best practices.

Tailored Mobile App Development

Go native or not? Performance boost vs. maintenance costs? Platform-agnostic or platform-specific? The answers to these questions can propel your mobile app strategy or sink your budget unexpectedly. We find the most optimal app approach that fits your business model. No unnecessary frills and the mobile app development cost will be manageable.

Mobile App Stats, Support, and Maintenance

We help you launch, evaluate, and scale your mobile ecosystem by providing rollout and training, customized metrics, features enhancements, integration, and system upgrades/fixes. We can also supply the CMS power to keep your data synchronized across all channels.

Digital Expertise

Mobile App Design

We design highly useable experiences, supported by easy-to-implement, scalable platforms. We're big believers in Agile when it makes sense; we also work with hybrid and traditional waterfall methods.

Mobile Application Strategy

We understand that your mobile presence is not an island. Your mobile app strategy should be a well-designed part of your marketing and communications ecosystem. Our teams work collaboratively with you to develop a mobile application strategy supported by apps, hybrid, and mobile sites that fully resonate within your environment and adhere to mobile app best practices.

We take a deep dive into your marketing and communications strategy to determine the best mobile approach aligned with your business goals and IT environment. Our process starts with discovery, stakeholder interviews, requirements gathering, ecosystem review and continues towards a fully integrated mobile strategy.

Mobile App Technologies

We're experienced with native approaches like Objective-C, Java for Android, WinJS for Windows 8, as well as technologies like PhoneGap and Xamarin for apps with a single code-base.