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Delivering Beyond Expectations

Transforming Software to Transform an Organization

When it comes to dialysis treatment, efficient scheduling must balance the needs of patients, staff and operations with state and local regulations.

One of the nation’s premier providers of dialysis services and goods was operating its enterprise of 2,500 clinics using a manual scheduling and paper documentation process. This workflow caused staff and scheduling errors and offered no enterprise-wide visibility into the scheduling of staff. Moreover, it limited the dialysis provider’s ability to optimize operations—and improve and streamline care—across entities.

The company selected a web-based workflow application named ScheduleWise® to provide a starting point to optimize their scheduling processes. They initially partnered with Celerity for UX services, helping to map out a plan for scaling and customizing the application to fit user needs. That relationship was so successful that the client invited us into the proposal process to drive the implementation of the application to significantly improve the efficiency of scheduling across the client’s enterprise. The client found our proposal to be the most reliable, pragmatic and efficient—more so than that of their own internal team. Where others quoted over a year to complete the first phase of digital transformation, we had their clinics up and running in a matter of a months.

Delivering Big on a Complex Plan


Because the client wanted a user-focused approach, we mapped user experiences to gain deep insight into the scheduling journey and pinpoint potential obstacles. This often overlooked step helped us create a clear roadmap to deliver a ScheduleWise® solution that was finely tailored to customer and employee needs.


Once the roadmap was refined, we developed wireframes of the user experience and tested them with users to ensure the process was intuitive, friendly and comprehensive. As a result of the thorough planning, we were able to deliver a transformative scheduling experience. Less than a month after launch, users had published 3,000 shifts on the application and over 300 staff had registered to receive notifications. Clinic managers could now effortlessly schedule staff for the treatment of their 180,000 patients across the client’s enterprise.


The success of our strategic approach coupled with our proven ability to get products to market faster inspired the client to contract us to drive development. As a technology partner with deep expertise from strategy and UX services to development, implementation and operational excellence capabilities, Celerity is well equipped to serve this major healthcare provider’s needs now and in the future.

Putting the Plan into Action


Throughout the implementation process, we used a clear and systematic process based on Agile methodologies. This was a new approach for the client and it opened their eyes to other potential applications of Agile throughout their business. With our help, the client now relies heavily on Agile methodologies as opposed to an outdated waterfall approach.


With a new and deepening appreciation of what technology can enable in their organization, the client has developed a long-term relationship with Celerity. Together we have driven further product strategy and development, integrated with their electronic medical record solution, and informed their internal Agile IT approaches.


As new capabilities have come online, the client has changed the way it thinks about ScheduleWise®. What started as a handy tool has now become an integral part of how the client does business. Each new function continues to drive greater efficiency and visibility into individual clinics, enabling the client to schedule patients more effectively, manage resources more efficiently, reduce downtime, and drive higher margins while maintaining patient safety.

The Outcome

The client has transformed the way they plan, design and develop digital products to support improved business outcomes by transitioning from paper-based scheduling processes to digital processes across their enterprise. Today they are delivering a higher level of service to their centers and clinicians and have greater visibility than ever before, informing future modernization and business process optimization.

We continue to develop this platform in order to:

  • further integrate the tool with time-keeping and electronic health record systems
  • provide tools to help optimize schedules; and
  • build capability for staff to elect to take on additional shifts.

From strategy to execution, front-end to back, this client has found in Celerity a partner they can rely upon for fast, strategic, and effective technology services.

Before Celerity

Single product release throughout a year

Paper system of scheduling and managing staff

Limited visibility into staff commitments throughout organization

Complex juggling of regulatory requirements

With Celerity

Multiple iterative releases throughout the year

Fully digital system of scheduling and managing staff

Full visibility across 2,500 facilities nationwide

Streamlined visibility to better manage risk

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