Building a repeatable innovation process

A guide on how to innovate at scale


While 84% of executives agree that innovation is essential to growth, only 6% are satisfied with the results of their innovation initiatives. Innovation can be a difficult thing to grasp. To some, it is an ephemeral business process—a lightning bolt that drops down in a moment of need and is not entirely within your control.

To a growing list of leaders, however, it is something significantly more tangible—a learned, repeatable business process, fueled by cross-functional collaboration, ideation, communication and prioritization. From this perspective, innovation becomes not just a “nice to have,” but a process you can rely upon to cut through chaos and disruption and make your organization stand out.

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“The reality of innovation, however, is deceptively simple and surprisingly constant—innovation is a repeatable process, just like the processes you follow for billing or customer service.”

—Excerpt from ‘Building a repeatable innovation process’

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