Salesforce Health Cloud implementation places patients at the center of healthcare

How Salesforce's healthcare CRM paves the way to better patient management

Medical professionals utilize newly implemented Salesforce Health Cloud to improve work efficiency
Medical professionals utilize newly implemented Salesforce Health Cloud to improve work efficiency
Medical professionals utilize newly implemented Salesforce Health Cloud to improve work efficiency

To meet the ever-evolving challenges of the healthcare space today, hospitals and healthcare systems are increasingly turning to Salesforce’s Health Cloud to deliver secure, cutting-edge ways to reduce operational costs, improve control, compliance and enhance productivity—without ever compromising the quality of patient care delivered. At Celerity, we are helping payers, providers manage staff and patients more efficiently, also ensuring confidential health records are stored and sent securely, whilst in the long run Improving access to medical resources and personalized care.

Healthcare systems of every size are under intense pressure from consumers, governing boards, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders to drive cost efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of patient care. That means attaining economies of scale faster to reduce costs while leveraging innovative technologies to stay ahead of industry changes. And that’s where Celerity’s custom Salesforce Health Cloud implementation services enter the scene, helping organizations evolve their focus from medical records management to improving patient relationships at every step of the care journey.

360-degree view of patients

Salesforce Health Cloud brings together mobile, cloud, and social technologies to create an environment that helps everyone from patients to administrators access the information they need—from anywhere and at any time. For instance, Salesforce’s Customer 360 for Healthcare offers patients a detailed personal care journey by delivering a comprehensive view of their medical history to healthcare providers via easy-to-read dashboards that blend data from multiple provider sources. With that information easily accessible, healthcare providers can then map relationships to specialists and other providers involved in the patient’s care.

Empowered collaboration

Harnessing the power of Salesforce for patient management means delivering technology that connects healthcare providers, patients, and other members of patient support networks. Patients can interact with healthcare providers without the burden of an in-person consultation, and healthcare providers can tap into a global network of specialists to gain deeper insights on rare health conditions. Built with privacy and security in place, Salesforce Health Cloud facilitates a distributed care environment while meeting compliance initiatives and protecting health information.

A new chapter in patient engagement

The days of neighborhood family doctors have diminished gradually, while at the same time patient caseloads are reaching new peaks, putting even more strain on patient-provider relationships. This trend is reversed by Salesforce Health Cloud by giving healthcare providers the tools and data they need to anticipate patient requirements and streamline their relationships with their patients.

Salesforce’s seamless platform offers an omnichannel user experience. This means patients and healthcare providers can interact with each other through their preferred communication channels—whether that’s through a mobile app, social media, or a traditional appointment. It also means call center representatives are equipped with a complete view of every patient’s specific healthcare requirements, enabling them to deliver highly personalized services by making informed and instant recommendations to patients.

Moreover, healthcare providers can explore Einstein Analytics to forecast health risks such as social determinants of health and suggest solutions for patients based on their location and health profile. With these predictions in place, healthcare providers can deliver the best patient care at the right time and place to strengthen their relationships with patients.

Integrates with legacy systems

Not only can Salesforce Health Cloud easily integrate with a number of legacy systems, Celerity’s custom implementation services bring healthcare organizations one step closer to streamlining electronic health record (EHR), enterprise resource planning (ERP), or electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Our implementation services also strengthen the power of legacy systems by unifying patient records with data from a range of other sources to create comprehensive patient profiles.

Connecting the customer lifecycle

Although the medical device industry has embraced a series of innovations in the last few years, sales representatives still rely on high-touch models like visiting doctors’ offices to sell medical devices. For this, they require access to advanced tools and updated data to optimally manage and forecast customer contacts—from tracking activities to gaining insights, closing deals, and connecting all points of the customer lifecycle. Salesforce Health Cloud does all of that and more, facilitating seamless integration across clouds, on-premise, and third-party applications.

Discover the Celerity advantage

As one of the leading providers of Salesforce Health Cloud implementation services, we can help you automate paper-based processes, recruit and retain the best talent, enhance the patient experience, and ensure the right medical supplies will always be present when needed. Learn more about how you can leverage Celerity’s custom Salesforce Health Cloud implementation services to improve patient care while driving operational efficiency for your organization.

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