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We exist to build a new way of working

Collaborate, measure, and iterate to achieve your strategic objectives

The seamless operation and integration of people, process, and technology need to be aligned to deliver your unique business value. Our strategy offerings will enable you to move with purpose from an idea to a plan to a measurable action. We will work with you as partners to define and execute against a shared definition of success.

Integrated Digital Enterprise ApproachTM

The secret to digital transformation is systematic cooperation between previously disparate teams, approaches, and platforms.

  • Holistically assess your existing experiences, processes, and technology
  • Establish a roadmap for integrating your customer journey
  • Create iterative value with sprint planning

SEALSM  Change Management

Increase your project success with a flexible change management framework that fits your organization.

  • Set the vision and mandate for change.
  • Engage the organization and department(s) on the change.
  • Align on necessary culture, behaviors, and skills to achieve the change.
  • Link and define the path to make it last.

Product + Project Management

Celerity’s Agile MVP approach to product management drives speed to market and creates value for users, the product team, and stakeholders.

  • Define and prioritize your backlog of features
  • Establish portfolio management principles
  • Track the ROI across a suite of products

Strategy Planning + Execution

Working side-by-side with your team, Celerity will help you build the most efficient path from vision to prioritized, aligned action.

  • Assess your goals, current environment, and strategic plans
  • Activate support across your organization through alignment workshops
  • Build a digital roadmap and KPIs to act quickly and iteratively


Think Small: The Realist's Case for Pragmatic Transformation

A shockingly low percentage of digital transformation efforts achieve what they set out to do, with a success rate as low as 5%. Ensure you're on the side of success by watching this webinar on keys to driving transformation one step at a time.

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Hear From Our Clients

Celerity’s process engineers displayed a long-term commitment to excellence. They were dedicated to ensuring our processes are very well-managed and the proper controls were in place for us to manage risk and successfully integrate a newly acquired company.

Senior Operations Manager
Leading National Bank

Case Studies

Leading National Bank

Rapid response in a crisis

Broadcast Media Company

User centered design

Major National Credit Union

Operational risk management

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