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Celerity helps leading healthcare nonprofit mature into a responsive enterprise

Innovation experts at Celerity used a design thinking and innovation approach to navigate disruptions from the global pandemic for a worldwide leader in the fight against cancer

Senior African American cancer patient walking through diagnosis on tablet with doctor, an essential part of design thinking for healthcare nonprofit

Engagement at-a-glance

To find new ways to advance its mission and build greater engagement with its audience, our client—a global leader in the fight against cancer—turned to the innovation experts at Celerity.

Our team of innovation experts focused on:

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Delivering a deep understanding of innovation fundamentals and the principles and best practices of design thinking

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Empowering client's team to successfully facilitate a design sprint involving senior stakeholders from across the organization

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Shifting the organization’s mindset to prioritize audience needs by validating future challenges and opportunities before designing solutions

The challenge

When the global pandemic brought a raft of disruption to its operations, our client tasked its newly minted Innovation and Strategy team to find new pathways for achieving the organization's mission and strengthening audience outreach. To do this, the organization's cross-disciplinary team needed to gain a strong foundation in design thinking to spark the innovation needed to transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

Celerity's mission

Provide training and coaching that would empower our client's Innovation and Strategy team to tear down organizational silos, collaboratively secure alignment around all decision-making, and develop a culture of innovation through design thinking.

Success would mean delivering the training and tools the team needed to execute their first design sprint around how to engage an untapped audience segment—and ensuring the organization was equipped with the mindset needed to become a truly responsive enterprise.

The solution

With the client's senior leadership—including the CEO—in full support of the engagement and aligned on its goals and desired outcomes, Celerity's team embedded with the client's team to facilitate a series of training sessions and workshops that included:

  • facilitating team-forming exercises to help align on goals and objectives and identify individual strengths and weaknesses
  • taking a "learn by doing" approach to the client's training that focused on action and real-world application
  • building an environment of psychological safety where everyone could learn, experiment, and grow without fear of failure
  • fostering a cultural reset to put their audience at the center of their work while prioritizing principals over process and mindset over tasks
  • identifying key opportunities for using qualitative audience data to further the organization’s mission through targeted outreach

Additionally, we provided one-on-one coaching to empower every team member to strengthen audience engagement in the face of continued challenges and disruption to their field operations.

The outcome

Not only did the Innovation and Strategy team gain a firm foundation around the skills and fundamentals of innovation and the process of design thinking, they successfully facilitated their first design sprint, which included the participation of senior stakeholders from across the organization. A critical first step in applying cross-functional ways of fostering insights and innovation from diverse perspectives, these activities resulted in the creation of a strong portfolio of prototype programs the team can pursue to engage with a new audience segment.

By developing the mindset needed to become a responsive enterprise—one that puts its audience's needs and behaviors at the center of everyday operations—and apply these principles across everyday operations, our client is in a much stronger position to validate the challenges they face, create innovative solutions, and bring everyone one step closer to achieving their organizational mission of curing cancer.

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