Maximize the Power of Your Web CMS

Today's breed of web content management systems have the power to generate dynamic content, integrate with your back-end systems, and deliver a seamless mobile experience. But identifying, deploying and maintaining a light-weight content management solution requires significant time, resources, and technical expertise.

Partner with Celerity's content management experts and you'll gain access to a technology-agnostic group of CMS strategists and thought leaders. Our CMS developers, designers and architects are entrenched in the industry-with open source CMS communities, partners and peer groups-and specialize in designing scalable, lightweight solutions on aggressive timeframes.

We provide the full spectrum of content management services. From conducting an unbiased review of your current systems and processes in order to find the best technology platform for your business-through designing, configuring, integrating, deploying, rolling out and providing training on your new system.

Our services will help you get the most out of your content management strategy, so you can confidently manage your content, market your brand, and improve engagement with users.

CMS Services

CMS Platform Selection

We look objectively across both Open Source Web CMS and COTS solutions to find the best content management system aligned with your business goals and IT environment. Our process starts with discovery, stakeholder interviews, requirements gathering, content inventory - and continues with vendor evaluations and RFP assistance.

CMS Design, Development & Implementation

We design highly useable experiences, supported by easy-to-implement, scalable web CMS platforms. We're big believers in agile development methodology when it makes sense; we also work with hybrid and traditional waterfull methods. We have rare, strong expertise in development. 

CMS Maintenance & Support

We help you scale your web CMS system by providing rollout and training, features enhancements, integration, and system upgrades/fixes. We supply the CMS power you need to keep your system performing at its best.

Intranet CMS

We design and develop innovative Intranet CMS solutions for customers looking to elevate the employee experience online. In 2014, our Intranet site designed for National Geographic won a Nielsen Norman award for the world's Top 10 Intranet. 

CMS Technologies

We're experienced with Open Source toolsets like Django and Drupal; and COTS platforms such as Sitecore, Episerver, SDL Tridion and Adobe CQ5.