Data Got You Down?

Marketing executives are under increasing pressure to justify spend and prove ROI across campaigns, content, and digital properties. But business leaders are chronically faced with lengthy dashboards disconnected from digital marketing objectives. The result is a flood of data but a lack of actionable insights.

That’s why Celerity’s cross-functional teams provide an integrated focus to help you build a solid analytics foundation to report more confidently about the business value, ROI, and customer impact of your digital marketing efforts.

Flexible Engagement Models

Celerity offers analytics services within a flexible framework of resources that can be adjusted as your digital analytics needs mature. 

Web Analytics Consulting: We’ll help you establish goals, determine KPIs, and build a strategic roadmap for your analytics function over 2-3 months for goal-strategy-metric alignment.

In-House Analytics Experts: Place an individual data analyst, technical analyst, or tag manager from Celerity on your team and get the broad expertise and supervision of a much larger Celerity community.

Analytics Pod Teams: As your digital marketing analytics function matures, you’ll benefit from a team of experts with distinct areas of specializations (tag management, reporting, etc.) to drive work to completion.

Digital Analytics Approach

Celerity uses a progressive approach to digital analytics, leading with the ‘why’ not the ‘what’. It begins with establishing your digital marketing objectives and analytics strategy to ensure your reports, measurements, and marketing dashboard are directly linked to your goals. 

With this solid analytics foundation, we can analyze campaign effectiveness using future-proof metrics and tagging, then measure and optimize experience touchpoints based on your customers’ unique relationship with your organization.

Expertise Areas

Measurement Strategy and Analytics Roadmaps: We drive data-driven insights for an optimized customer experience with a strategy and action-based roadmap built on team consensus.

Metric and Tagging Evaluation & Implementation: We use the power of a dual technical and marketing perspective to audit and evaluate your existing digital marketing function to better manage, implement, and maintain future analytics

Analysis, Data Visualization, and Dashboard Reporting: We establish consistency and translate digital marketing objectives into metrics for simple, clear dashboards

Campaign Effectiveness, Channel Mix, and Experience Optimization: We uncover a full view of your customer behavior and engagement across digital channels for better digital marketing analytics.

View our Digital Analytics Data Sheet