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CX maturity assessment and co-creation of a 5 year CX Center of Excellence roadmap

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Engagement at-a-glance

To develop greater customer experience (CX) maturity and embed journey-led decision-making across their operations in 39 countries, our client—a leader in recruiting and HR services—turned to the CX experts at Celerity.

Our team of innovation experts focused on:

Assessing the client's current state of customer experience maturity and developing a strategic vision and North Star principles for fostering a global CX culture driven by innovation


Creating a comprehensive five-year operational roadmap for the client's teams dedicated to customer journey mapping and experience design

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Developing the infrastructure, operational processes, and orchestration tools for using customer journey mapping

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Establish a stage one plan for guiding complex change and a culture of innovation for becoming a responsive enterprise

The challenge

After working with Celerity to lay the foundation for building customer-centricity through customer journey mapping, our client wanted to take their work with us to the next level: developing a five-year customer experience management and maturity plan. One that would ensure the organization and experience teams had the the culture, infrastructure, governance, tools and processes needed to determine and align high value initiatives based on customer needs and position journey mapping as a vital tool for high-level decision-making across 39 countries.

Celerity's mission

Guide our client through the process of maturing and scaling journey-led decision-making throughout their organization and fostering the responsive, customer-centric culture needed to achieve their mission of innovating the future of recruiting and work.

The solution

The first phase of our engagement was all about applying Celerity's proven framework of think big, move fast, and start small. And based on those early successes, it was now time to think about how to begin scaling journey mapping and define a vision of where the client wanted to be with CX design and journey mapping in five years—and what it would take to get them there.

Collecting findings from a current-state assessment

To do that, Celerity's team hosted a series of structured work sessions to assess the client's current state of CX maturity across five focus areas:

  • People and culture
  • Tools and standards
  • Organizational structure
  • Listening, metrics, and ROI
  • Innovation

For the CXCoE (Customer Experience Center of Excellence) and Journey Management Team, this assessment would help identify roles and responsibilities and the structures, best practices, and workflows needed to empower alignment, continuity and solid insights across the enterprise.

And for the enterprise as a whole, our assessment prompted the client to consider what their organizational structure would need to be in five years to:

  • Ensure leaders and teams across the globe are aligned on using journey-driven insights for key decision-making
  • Empower the core Customer Journey and Experience Design teams to work with stakeholder groups to ensure the CX mindset is not only modeled but can evolve iteratively in response to evolving customer demands

Setting the stage for change

Our team got to work laying the foundation for change that would propel the organization to becoming a responsive enterprise, the ability to adapt to change and exceed their customer’s needs. That meant determining opportunities for the client to scale journey mapping and CX operations incrementally over the next five years, defining which pilot projects would provide the most value for their audiences, and cultivating a culture of design thinking across a global footprint of 39 countries.

By integrating CX with change management practices, the client could better understand how change holds the potential to improve the lives of their people. With that mindset instilled, "success" is now defined as meeting the needs of their talent, clients, staff, and the organization as a whole.

The outcome

A strategic vision for customer-centric, journey-led decision-making. The CXCoE and Journey Management teams empowered with the tools, frameworks, mindset and plan to scale innovation across the organization and enable them to adapt to change and better serve their audiences' needs.

After two phases of this engagement, our client is equipped to continue scaling their journey mapping capabilities to positively impact their people across the globe. And thanks to a bevy of deep discussions and Celerity's proprietary assessment model, the client now has a five year roadmap to establish their vision of a “human-forward” future.

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