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Celerity partners with Automation Anywhere FOR Robotic Process Automation

In today’s fast-moving economy, enterprises face the challenging burden of legacy systems and siloed data. It takes manual processes and repetitive tasks to keep these systems relevant. Employees are unable to spend time on higher value tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) presents a valuable opportunity for businesses looking to quickly realize massive gains in efficiency while keeping their infrastructure in place.

To help our clients digitize their operations, Celerity has officially partnered with the RPA market leader, Automation Anywhere.

Why RPA?

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is a software solution that enables your business to automate simple, repetitive tasks. By copying clicks, keystrokes, and decision trees, RPA operates as if your team member were sitting at the computer—and frees the employee's time to focus on higher value projects.

Why Celerity?

“Our partnership with Automation Anywhere allows Celerity to successfully automate routine and repetitive tasks to help our clients increase business productivity and improve operational excellence within their organizations,” said Gregg Wyland, Celerity’s Vice President of Client Delivery.

Celerity has already seen success in implementing RPA. After automating several manual processes at a Fortune 500 bank using Automation Anywhere software, the RPA solution was both more accurate and five times faster than a human full-time employee performing the same process.

To learn more about how Celerity can help you accelerate your organization’s digital transformation, schedule a complimentary consultation.

Celerity Partnership Automation Anywhere

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