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Create seamless interaction between your customers, employees, and value streams

Delivering engaging customer and employee experiences takes an integrated approach

It requires designing beyond platforms and screens, thinking holistically, and understanding how experiences are powered by technology and connected through processes.

Our services include conducting user research, architecting and designing award-winning experiences, crafting connection through content strategy, and optimizing continuously through data-driven insights.

Research & User Insights

Understand the needs and reactions of your users to inform product decisions that align business goals with customer value.

  • Create alignment across your organization through user-centric journey mapping workshops, persona development, and cross-channel service blueprints
  • Evaluate your experiences with heuristic analyses of usability and behavioral design assessments
  • Make data-driven decisions through user testing, surveys, and ethnographic observation

Experience Design

Whether envisioning a new experience or improving an existing one, Celerity's UX designers build beautiful, value-creating products and services.

  • Bring your vision to life with sketches and storyboards
  • Rapidly prototype wireframes, sitemaps, and user flows
  • Collaborate with your Celerity team using Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision, Axure, and UXPin

Visual Design

Bring your vision to life with award-winning visual design services across digital platforms and applications with an emphasis on integrated, user-centric experiences.

  • Explore design possibilities with visual mockups and prototypes
  • Adapt your brand into an expansive and flexible digital design system
  • Think holistically to fuse design with technology and create stunning, powerful experiences

Content Strategy

Attain consistent quality, message, and voice across all digital channels to ensure your content resonates with your audience.

  • Evaluate existing content against your business goals and industry best practices
  • Plan and create new content that engages people with personalized, localized messages
  • Execute manual and automated content migrations between systems


Enable a culture of data-driven decision making by blending quantitative and qualitative data, providing timely reporting, and delivering actionable insights throughout your organization.

  • Establish your baseline with KPI workshops, analytics assessments, and a measurement strategy
  • Provide ongoing reports with dashboards, reporting automation workflows, and data visualizations
  • Implement analytics training, tag management, and data governance with platforms including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, IBM Analytics, Tealium, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management, HubSpot, Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Optimizely

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Our employees are now interacting and engaging in entirely new—and more relevant—ways. Celerity's problem-solving techniques and collaborative partnering strategy helped us make informed project decisions each step of the way.

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National Geographic


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