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People are the driving force behind the success of every business

Celerity consultants deliver impact, not ego

In addition to project teams and consulting engagements, Celerity has a powerful recruiting and workforce solutions engine to provide you with top tech talent that will seamlessly integrate with your team. We aim to understand your business, culture, initiatives, and talent needs. We work with you as a partner to proactively pipeline based on your forecasted projects, business initiatives, and hiring needs.


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The Role of the Product Owner

Agile Product Ownership is complex, difficult, and fraught with unclear expectations. Most projects suffer from poor or absent product ownership, and the results are undesirable: the product runs over budget, takes longer than expected to develop, or never launches.

By clearing up confusion around the Product Owner role, you’ll be able to execute projects more successfully for your organization.


Staffing, Direct Placement + Contract-to-Hire

Meet candidates matched to your culture and requirements, not just a job description.

Save time by only reviewing a short list of the most qualified talent. Our intensive screening process includes phone and in-person interviews, technical screens, and reference checks.

Delegate talent retention to Celerity's resource managers. We give consultants excellent benefits, including competitive healthcare and benefits packages, field support, and reach back into Celerity expert practice areas.

Select from flexible contractor and contract-to-hire structures to fit your business needs.

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